Somerset STEM club (K-2nd Grade) - Winter session

Somerset STEM club (K-2nd Grade) - Winter session

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Fun hands-on experience with STEM concepts 

Grades: K-2nd Graders 

Location: Somerset Elementary School, 14100 Somerset Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006. Room 208.

Time: Wednesdays 1:15p - 2:30p 

Dates: January 23rd - March 20th (No class during mid-winter break)
Update: Makeup class for the school snow day will be on March 27th. This will be the last class for this session.

Program cost: $180 (includes the cost of supplies)

This session's theme: Games and Machines.

Children learn about the scientific method and explore STEM concepts through hands-on experiments and games.

In this session, the students will try different logic based games and solve puzzles. The games will introduce mathematical concepts such as probability and statistics in a fun age-appropriate way. 

We will also learn about basic simple machines, work, mechanical advantage and build simple and compound machines to perform a basic task. Finally, we will work in groups to put the machines together to build a multi-step Rube Goldberg Machine.

What is a Rube Goldberg Machine?
A Rube Goldberg Machine is a crazy contraption (using everyday items) which accomplishes a simple task in the most complicated – and funniest – way possible! They tell a story and, most important of all – they make you LAUGH.


We introduce the basic concepts in an age-appropriate manner with familiar visuals, fun games, and stories. We discuss the importance of making mistakes and accidental discoveries made by scientists. We discuss the importance of asking questions and ways to research to find answers to questions. Students’ interests will help guide the depth and breadth of each topic. The experiments or topics may be modified based on the questions and requests made by students.


There are 20 seats available for this Fall session program at Somerset Elementary. Priority registration for K-2nd grade students enrolled at Somerset is through January 9th. Registration opens to all interested K-2nd graders after January 9th. 


If the class fills, we will maintain a waitlist for families interested in this program at a future date and/or at another location. Please email us at if you would like to be added to the waitlist or if you have other questions. Please note that joining the waitlist is free and does not automatically enroll the student for the program.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for missed classes or cancellations after purchase. No makeup class available; however, we try our best to get students up to speed during the session. 

Required Forms:

A parent or guardian of the student needs to sign the following forms during pick up on the first day of the session: Waiver and Release, Allergy, Emergency Contact Information, Student Conduct, and Pickup Policy. 

Click here to complete the Authorization Form

Sign in and Sign out Policy:

Somerset students enrolled in the program will walk from their classroom to Room 208 after school ends. Please alert the classroom teacher of younger students, so that they can help your child find the correct room. Families who are dropping off a student must sign in at the Somerset office in the lobby.

If a student is not in class by 1:15p due to any reason, we will call, email or text the family's contact information on file to confirm the absence. You may also email us to let us know about absences at

A parent or guardian will be required to sign out the student after 2:30p. The school requires parents to wait outside the main entrance for pickups. Please be on time as any delays past 2:45p will result in a charge of $1 per minute.  

Is this STEM Club for 3rd-5th Graders?

The curriculum for this program is designed for younger kids. An advanced program will be more suitable and interesting for older elementary kids. If you are interested in our 3-5th Grade STEM enrichment program, please email us at